Welcome to our vision of luxurious and sustainable living. 

Our Vision for the Future

Perpetually Innovative Homes has a unique vision for how the next-generation home should be built.
Our goal is to build highly energy efficient, environmentally friendly smart homes that capitalizes on advanced technology to make your daily living easier, more luxurious and environmentally sustainable.

How Do We Achieve this Vision?

It first starts with abandoning the conventional wood-frame material other houses are normally built with

Our houses are built using an entirely different set of incredibly durable, environmentally sustainable material:

Welcome to
Insulated Concrete Form
Insulated-Concrete Form (ICF) is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete made with a rigid thermal insulation.
The forms are interlocking modular units that are filled with concrete to create walls, floors and ceilings.
Rigid Thermal Insulation Panels
Rigid Thermal Insulation Panels
Internal Reinforced Concrete

The advantages delivered by Insulated-Concrete Form over a conventional wood-frame house are substantial

than a conventionally-built house
More Insulating
than a conventionally-built house
Longer Lasting
than a conventionally-built house
than a conventionally-built house

Using Insulated-Concrete Form as our high quality structure, 
we added
further enhancing technology to complete your next-generation home

Solar Power

By building with us, you have the option to integrate up to 40 solar panels using a unique approach called Passive Solar Design.
With Passive Solar Design, you’ll save more energy than a conventional solar installation by passively heating and cooling your home.
Take advantage of Hydro One’s Net Metering program by selling excess electricity generated by your solar panels to receive credits towards your electricity costs.

Rain Water Collection

A Rain Water Collection System can be outfitted that utilizes rain fall to lessen your water usage
With modern toilets consuming ~ 6 litres of water per flush, utilizing rain water for toilet flushing will improve house hold water efficiency
Rain Water Collection is also used to provide water for lawn and garden irrigation during the summer

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating involves under laying the floor with hot water tubing that transfers heat into the room via radiant heat and convection. This obviates the need for conventional hot-air blowing systems.
Radiant Floor Heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and hot-air heating because no energy is lost through heated air traveling through air ducts.
This approach achieves a uniform heat distribution over the entire surface of a floor which in turn heats the lower half of the room that usually envelopes the house’s residents in warmth at an overall lower temperature — in some cases up to 3 degrees celsius cooler — than a conventional heating system

Water Heat Recycling

Each shower can be equipped with a Water Heat Recycling Unit to capture wasted heat energy from hot water pouring down your shower drain 
This captured heat energy is then used to preheat your incoming cold fresh water before your water heater brings it up to full desirable temperature
The result is less strain on your water heater resulting in a longer lifespan and less energy spent on heating your water
See how these technologies accomplish our incredibly low environmental impact compared to traditional house construction
Our homes have amazing benefits for the environment
but how can a PI Home benefit you?
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Our Environmental Impact

Our choice of utilizing Insulated Concrete Form as a substitute for wood instantly makes our houses more sustainable than any other conventional house hold. Combined with our other various energy saving technologies such as solar, rain water collection, and heat water recycling, we have created an incredible design that achieves minimal environmental impact.


Take a look at our environmental impact below:

97% Less Trees

used than a conventionally-built house

50% Less Energy

used than a conventionally-built house

Carbon Neutral

resulting in net-zero carbon emissions

Not only will you be living better for yourself with incredible advantages delivered by Insulated Concrete Form but you’ll also be contributing towards a better world for all of us to live in.