Our Mission Statement

Perpetually Innovative Homes strives to be a leading-edge residential building company with a unique vision for how the next-generation home should be built. Energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness and premium quality-built houses are all aspirations our company sets out to achieve. With our background in sustainable engineering and construction, we are well positioned to evaluate and integrate the most effective technologies and energy-saving features into your home. While achieving these features, our goal is to deliver next-generation homes at a monthly payment that is lower or similar to other builders — offering a striking home option that home-buyers will find hard to resist. Our architectural style incorporates ultra-modern and open-concept living spaces along with the inclusion of easy-to-use home automation. We, at P.I.Homes, are confident our housing solutions will set new standards for home-builders across the region and beyond.

A Summary of Our Advantages

Cost Advantage
Premium housing that's higher in quality compared to other builders
- at a lower or equivalent monthly payment
Living Advantage
Better indoor air quality, less noise and disturbance from neighbours, and one of the most environmentally-friendly housing solutions on the market. Easy-to-use home automation lets you control your entire house with a few taps from your smartphone — at home or away from home
Style Advantage
Ultra-modern and open-concept living spaces that are highly flexible towards any future renovation project. A terrace that graces the roof allowing for summer barbecues and rooftop get-togethers unlike any other house 
Future Advantage
Premium housing that has minimal maintenance costs, can withstand unfortunate events such as flooding and fire more robustly than other conventional house, and will retain a great re-sale value if you ever decide to put your home up for sale

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