Your Cost Advantage
Premium housing that’s higher in quality compared to conventional housing
— at a lower or same monthly payment
Conventional Home
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Monthly Cost Breakdown:

$ 1,820
Mortgage Payment
$ 2,180
$ 330
Utility Bill
$ 130
$ 0
Solar Income
-$ 400
$ 100
House Insurance
$ 85
$ 480
Property Tax
$ 670
$ 80
Maintenance & Repair
$ 40
$ 2,810 / Mo
$ 2,705 / Mo
Incredibly, you're getting a much higher quality-built house for a cheaper or similar monthly payment.
How do we accomplish your Cost Advantage?
More Insulating
Longer Lasting
Cheaper Utility Bill
Our Insulated Concrete Form walls results in a 50% savings on the average utility bill due to achieving 50% more thermal insulation than conventional houses
Lower Insurance
Discounts on insurance can be given to ICF-built houses due to being up to 8x stronger than wood-frame houses
Less Repairs
ICF-built houses typically require significantly less maintenance and repairs — saving you money you’d otherwise be spending on maintenance

Your Living Advantages

Better Air Quality

Insulated-Concrete Form delivers better indoor air quality by helping to filter out the intrusion of outside pollutants
When compared to conventional wooden houses, ICF-built homes result in virtually zero potential for mould buildup
Both of these advantages are incredibly beneficial for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory sensitivities along with anyone who wishes their indoor air to be as free of pollutants as possible

Less Noise

Living within ICF walls gives you 4x the better sound insulation than a typical wood-frame house
You’ll hear less noise coming from upstairs or downstairs, from outside and from the neighbours while not having to worry about bothering the neighbours yourself
So go ahead, play your music or watch a movie on your home entertainment system — no matter how late it is

A Smarter Home

Last one out the door?

At the tap of a button on your mobile device...


Low Power State

All the lights inside your house turn off

AC / heating powers down to save energy

Your door locks and the security system activates


All at the tap of a button on your mobile device

You can also create custom events that suit your lifestyle

Planning a romantic dinner tonight? Set a custom event — when you walk through the front door with your date, the lights dim, music starts playing, and the fireplace turns on. 

Or maybe that’s just how you want every afternoon to start when you come home from work.

Your Style Advantage
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