Your Style Advantage

Ultra-modern, open-concept and summer terrace design unlike any other house

Enjoy your very own rooftop terrace that allows for summer barbecues and rooftop get-togethers unlike any other house

Your Future Advantage

With Insulated Concrete Form being 8x stronger and lasting 5x longer, you get peace of mind you can’t find with any other home

More Robust

Our ICF homes are significantly resilient to unfortunate events such as basement flooding, fire, hurricanes and earthquakes
In the event of basement flooding, less damages would be incurred due to the robust nature of our ICF foundation. ICF material is also 4x more fire resistant
If any of these unfortunate events were to happen to a conventional wooden home, the consequences would be devastating. With an ICF home, you receive peace of mind knowing your home is much more robust

Better Resale Value

In the event you wish to sell your home in the future, re-sale value of an ICF home is more resilient towards market volatility than a conventional wooden house
This is due to wooden-frame houses having only a fraction of an ICF house’s life span
ICF-built houses last centuries without requiring frequent fixing and maintenance. This typically results in a higher re-sale value for ICF-built houses

Adaptable Space

In the future, one may choose to renovate their interior by building new rooms or tearing down existing walls to make new spaces
Doing so is substantially cheaper and easier in an ICF home due to our houses not needing structural members within the internal walls
However, with a conventional wooden-frame house, renovations will either be more expensive or impossible to carry out due to their internal walls containing vital support beams that cannot be altered
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